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Happy Halloween, vatos.

If any of youse guys dresses up as something cool for the occasion, I want pics. Savvy? Until then, enjoy the holidays and have fun. ♥ C
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05. You know when the dentist is poking around in your mouth and you can feel their latex glove against your teeth and gums? I like that. Probably too much. And I always have to resist the urge to bite down, coz I think that would probably feel good too. For me, at least.

04. My elbows are double-jointed. Hyper-extendable is the correct term, actually. If you're not expecting it, it looks like my elbows are broken or dislocated when my arms are straight. Boo.

03. I've had over 35 jobs since I was 15. That's not counting periods of self-employment, like when I used to sell cigarettes to the other kids in high school. $.75 per cigarette or an even $10.00 for a pack. A pack! And business was booming. People are insane. Aside from that, I've worked in lots o' video rental shops, telemarketing, waitressing, pet sitting, religious instruction, tutoring, doctors' and medical offices, selling cosmetics, and so on...

02. I like the taste of burnt matches.

01. I recently realized that I'd been using LiveJournal to avoid thinking about some things that I really needed to. Posting and commenting and replying and making silly polls and trying to find the perfect icon and layout is so much easier than RL sometimes. It turns out that skeletons in one's closet will eventually find their way out anyway, no matter how hard one pushes against the door. My moment of clarity and salvation happened upon reading the last page of JTHM #7, interestingly enough. You gotta take these things where you can get 'em.

So I'm leaving LJ. Not completely and not forever, but yeah. I'll still slink over to see how you lot are doing from time to time and to make the occasional update.

Friend, defriend, whatever. I'll manage. Lemme know if anything incredibly awesome/shite happens. Take care and stay out of trouble. ♥ - C
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Blarg. My paid account expired. ... I kinda like the icons they left me though. For once.

I tried this vitamin energy drink thingy today. Normally, I scoff at that type o' thing, as part of my general scoffing regimen, but I gave it a shot today with minimal whining coz my friend is about to start a cult based upon it and, um, WOOOOOOOO. Yes, WOOOOOOOO. I feel like a hummingbird on amphetamines. But in a totally good way. Like Popeye. But without the fugly/creepy arm muscles. And, man, Olive Oil. What was up with her arms, yo? They were all waaaaaaaavyyyyyy.

*blinks* Moving right along.. Look at the stats. No effing wonder. *rudely hotlinks*

Vitamin B. Can't get too much of that fun stuff. Remember kiddos, I used to work in a health food store. This makes me an expert on just about everything ever. Vitamin B (Niacin, 6, 12, and Folic acid) are our friends. Do not question my real ultimate power. And it comes in much higher doses than 8,000% RDA. I've seen it up to 33,333% RDA. Dude. / Now I'm rambling. Check that out. It's coz I don't want to go do laundry.

Anyhoo, if you like the feeling associated with crack but want to avoid the unpleasant side effects, like burnt lips, jailarity, death, and smelling funny, look these guys up in the Yellow Pages. Chaser 5-Hour Energy Something Something Blah Blah. I used to call the Yellow Pages the "Lello Pages" when I was a wee thing. Awww! So cute. Why a wee thing is using the phrase "Yellow Pages" to begin with is another question.

Okay, okay. Laundry. Cheerio.
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There. It's official. Dark Forces do conspire to keep me out of school. I woke up early today, had coffee, got ready, was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, had all my homework and stuff ready to go - everything was running smoothly like a very nice smoothly running precise thing. Except my keys. They're gone. No idea where. I spent the extra 20 minutes that I had squirreled away looking for them before giving up and calling my Mommy. That's always good for the ego.

[Last Night]

MOTHER: Did you remember to go by the Post Office and feed the dog?
ME [whinin']: GOD, Mother! I'm not five! Honestly! You treat me like a blah, blah, rar, blah, etc..
MOTHER: *rolls eyes* Sorree...

[This Morning]

ME (on phone): Hi. Um. Can you, um, give-me-a-ride-to-school-coz-I-can't-find-my-keys.
ME: YAY! Er, I mean, cool. Thanks.

So that's not cool. And now I've been home for an hour and been looking for them. Still no luck.

* * *

But today is the first cold day of Autumn around here, and that is cool. I don't do summer well. It tends to be very hot, as you might have noticed. The heat makes me feel like taffy. Or some other wilty lazy dead thing. But cold weather. Ahhhhhhhhh. It's about 55 degrees and foggy. I got to wear my coat. And my Batman shirt! You can't ask for much more in life than days like this. *bliss* Pure bliss. Wait, I even have an illustration. Hold on.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[Please don't sue me, Jhonen Vasquez. Coz you kick ass. And I think I love you.]

See? It's like that. Except, if you know where that drawing is from, without the preceeding, er, festivities. Same concept though.

* * *

Lastly, despite the forces of evil, I did make it to school where the following occurred.

ME: *gets to class about 2 seconds before it starts*
HOT GUY, THE MISSING BEATLE: *wanders over to my desk/chairy-deskish thing* You're Charlotte?
MY BRAIN: OH GOD. He's talking to you! What did he say?? It doesn't matter! Just say something. Anything.
ME: *nods, iz so cool*
HGTMB: Cool. We're lab partners. *points to lab partner assignment sheet* Hi.
ME: Hi.
MY BRAIN: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *finally catches up with reality*
ME: Here's my number and e-mail address. We'll work out a time when we can meet to work, K?
HGTMB: *smiles, iz so pretty* Great. *writes down his info too*

Which is why I now officially love my Geology teacher, Professor Sean Connery. That dear, dear man. Bless him.

And Hot Guy. And his phone number. And email. And IM name. It's, like, right here in my backpack. I could call him and.. then what? Hump his leg over the phone? Yeah. But we'll figure out some sort of schedule tonite and then there shall be studying. Oh yes. Studying the likes of which the world has never seen before. And labs! Hot dirty labs! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

K. So that's all for now. Sorry for not using an lj-cut. Well, not sorry, really. I'm not fond of them. Sorry if you had to scroll a lot. That must suck. // Soon, there shall be meme. The one I've been meaning to do for a few weeks now. Geesh. Then, after that? Who knows.
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Throat is feeling sore. [And what organ lives in the lower right of your back? Coz it hurts. A lot. Especially when I, well, move. Or breathe. And even when I don't.] Dunno if the two are related, but if I get sick, I will kill every man, woman, and child on the planet. I shit you not.

Have Never-Ending Geology Lab From Heck tonite. We're doing our mineral test. Wanna see my study guide? We had to memorize 60 total but I only listed the ones I was having issues with. Galena is my favorite. So pretty. So shiny. Sorry my pictures suck. Damn flourescent lights. [Yeah, blame the lights. That'll work.]

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* * *

Dear Assorted Parental Figures,

Plz adopt a rough-exteriored broody yet lovable juvenile delinquent. I will be your quirky self-absorbed comic book & vidya game kid. Or the other way around. I do brood very well and I like to punch people. So I'm flexible. Irregardless, there will be snark and drama and beautiful people that should be in Calvin Klein ads and adventures kthnxyay.

* * *

Spent the weekend at Penny's. Ate chinese food. Talked about boys. Let her paint my toenails 10 different colors. Saw Sin City. Three times. So pretty. I like it a lot. A LOT. Even though there are flaws, like the fact that the only careers women have in Sin City are:

1. weak-minded, annoying bartender
2. hot Jessica Alba in a cowgirl outfit and.. poles and... sparkly. Something. ... Huh? What?
3. lesbian parole officer
4. one of the hundreds of scantily clad, heavily armed prostitutes

Also, the part with Benecio Del Toro didn't make sense, logically speaking. And no one ever shivers even though everyone's always standing around half-naked in the snow. Also, Benecio Del Toro is really scary sometimes.

* * *

Am now cleaning room, downloading episodes of The O.C. (and I'm not ashamed to admit it) and wondering what I did to make my ankle hurt so much. Is that a symptom of something? Random ankle splodey? Coz, hi, ouch.

And, yes, today is the anniversary of a tragedy. Just got done reading scornful 4589234 page memorial article blaming Bush/Iraq/God/lesbians/Poland/Frito-Lay/etc in newspaper. Pay respects, but dwell not, says I.

* * *

Dear N00b eBay Seller,

While it's nice that you are such a trusting soul, in the future, please wait until you have recieved payment to mail items. Not everyone is as honest and noble as myself.

Also, it would have given you a chance to read the note included with payment asking that you not send my Johnny The Homicidal Maniac comics to the default address, aka: my father's house. He has no appreciation for fine art.
b is for boris

5:18 AM. Pwned by Wellbutrin.

I started taking Wellbutrin about six months ago after noticing a general feeling of ennui.

It formulates a different plan of attack than Prozac and Zoloft, which for the most part, just left me feeling stoned and gave me a vague impression of living underwater, if that makes sense. Prozac, Zoloft, and their immediate family work by fucking around with your serotonin, supposedly making you happier but really just costing a lot. Wellbutrin, on the other hand, once swallowed, doesn't dissolve, but the entire pill actually travels from your stomach to your ear, via telekinesis, where it creeps up to your eardrum and shouts: GET THE FUCK OUT OF BED AND DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE WITH YOUR DAY, YOU LAZY BITCH, OR I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO BE EMO ABOUT, which is sometimes exactly what you need.

So I'm pleased. General sense of apathy has lifted, basic day-to-day activities like driving to the bank or folding laundry do not seem unbearable, no longer consider flinging self off cliff over things like chapped lips or dropped cell phone calls, stopped smoking, and already healthy sex drive is now incredibly frighteningly alarmingly healthy (whether this one is a blessing or curse remains to be seen).

BUT. As is the case with anything good, there is a price. Insomnia. Insomnia. Insomnia. Insomnia. Insomnia. Insomnia. Insomnia. Insomnia. It convinces your body that you really only need about 6 hours of sleep a night. The weird thing is, your body will totally agree. You won't feel tired during the day, you won't have dark circles under your eyes, you won't need any more coffee than usual to start the day, but it's still a very odd feeling to wake up at the exact same ungodly early hour every morning and know that you couldn't go back to sleep even if you ran headfirst into the wall.

So yeah, pwnd by Wellbutrin.

[BUT. Better pwned and alive than unpwned and walking around like the living dead. And the first person that says 'I could never take antidepressants. // They're all just chemicals. // I don't trust them. // I tried Prozac/Zoloft/etc and that didn't work so this won't either. // You don't really need them. // It's all in your head. // It's just a clever plan by the pharmaceutical companies to make money. // The real cure for depression is to stay busy/pray/get more sunlight. // Blah Blah Blah.' is going to suffer a terrible fate. Oh yes. Coz this invariably happens every time I mention the subject IRL and you'll see me on the evening news someday soon when I get tired of it and finally flip my shit. Maybe they've already figured out the secret to life or maybe the damp vacuous spaces in their heads are just incapable of any real emotions at all. Either way, anyone that feels the need to invalidate me with their asshat geometry is a wretched diseased whore and I hope they choke on the self-righteous words spewing from their filthy mouth. /wrath]

K. Just thought I should share in case any of you lot are feeling the ennui too. Sometimes the answer to depression isn't somehow becoming 'happier' - a rather polite approach, IMO - but the thing to do is bludgeon it to death with a hammer, piss on the corpse, and set the remains on fire, which is much more effective. You see? Or maybe none of this applies to you and it's not my fucking place to tell you what's up. Either way. S'aight.

That is all. Kthnxbye.