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Musings of an Evil Genius

Of Doom

Cindy. Or, depending on various factors, Charlotte, Sterling, Saint Sterling, Accio, or just C. Self-employeed entrepreneur. Student. Future starving artist. Chronic insomniac. Dislikes germs. Is prone to ranting. Likes for things to be clean and orderly. Finds pointless drama and angst amusing. Reads books, pwns the interwebs, parles teh francais. Is a geek. Can do perfect Bootleg and J-Turns. Secretly wishes to become a helicopter pilot. Is a rockstard. Loves Harry Potter more than you. Loves Jhonen Vasquez more than you, especially JTHM. Has one black wing from the time she tried to destroy the world by harvesting its power to become a god. Yeah. Sorry 'bout that. Firm believer in the Oxford comma. Often stubborn and vengeful. May think about smut a little too much. Is perhaps a bit power-crazed. Finds bears and birds of prey fascinating. Enjoys the quiet. Is vaguely concerned about quarks, tachyons, and charms. Is a fucking genius. Is a fucking girl. Is a fucking ninja. Is a fucking rockstar.

Fiends Only. Comment here to be added. Add or delete as desired. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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Devious plans for world domination are progressing nicely, thank you.

1. Charlotte is a mammal.
2. Charlotte fights ALL the time.
3. The purpose of Charlotte is to flip out and kill people.

Q: Why is everyone so obsessed with Charlotte?
A: Charlotte the ultimate paradox. On one hand, she doesn't give a crap. But on the other hand, she is very careful and precise.

Q: What does Charlotte do when she's not cutting off heads or flipping out?
A: Most of her free time is spent flying, but sometimes she stabs.

Blatantly pirated from The Official Ninja Webpage (link above).

Has anyone found this yet? Just curious. I mean, doesn't all that white space look a little suspicious? Sheesh.


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